Stress of Driving Own Vehicle in Crowded Pune

If one is driving a personal vehicle, the journey is quite taxing and requires care and attention. Any mistaken decision can lead to an accident which can be painful and expensive. In fact, if other drivers are less than careful, one can be involved in an accident no matter how careful one is. In contrast, one can relax mentally when travelling by bus, especially if it is of point-to-point nature. Only rickshaws, cabs, or chauffeur-driven cars can allow one to travel without stress. But their cost is enormous compared to the fares in public transport buses. The main competition the public buses face is from self-driven scooters, motorbikes, and cars. And in this respect, though public transportation does require a little more time, it is definitely much less stressful. A small point may be added. Many young people dream that one day they will become sixteen or eighteen years old and

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