Point-to-Point Bus Operation

We have been saying several times that the connections are by point-to-point buses. Point-to-point travel has many advantages. 1. First of all it is much faster as the driver does not have to continually change lanes and the time and energy of the driver and fuel for the bus are not wasted in stopping at the numerous bus stops. 2. Point-to-point buses can use all the flyovers, etc., which cars, scooters, and motorbikes, i.e., individual modes of travel use. It is a pity that flyovers are built to make travel easier, but the buses which have to make many stops are often unable to use them. The journey time for the point-to-point buses will be similar to individual transport. With the existing long routes, at the intermediate stops, there are buses of many routes. Each passenger can take one of several routes. Every time a bus comes, not all the people in the queue

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