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All About Passwordless Authentication and Its Benefits
December 5, 2022

This article will give you a quick guide on passwordless authentication and how it minimizes risk and enhances user experience ...

In this article we'll discuss how IoT technology is most frequently used ...

Impact of Digital Technologies on the Chemical Industry
How can AI technology change the chemical industry? We'll review the possibilities and concepts to ...
Batoi Press in TechReview Nov 21, 2022

Role of Big Data in Banking Domain
In this article, we shall take a closer look at the tasks tackled by Big ...
Batoi Press in TechReview Nov 14, 2022

Why is a Database Important for Businesses?
This blog details the essence of a database in business while clarifying how a database ...
Batoi Press in TechReview Nov 7, 2022

NoOps: Is the Future of DevOps?
With the cloud evolution, automating key tasks enables IT teams to converge from operations to ...
Batoi Press in Dev21 Oct 31, 2022

7 Best Cloud Service Providers
This article entails the top seven cloud service providers in the market who can reduce ...
Batoi Press in TechReview Oct 24, 2022

How to Find and Prioritize Website Vulnerabilities
This article will give you a quick walk-through of the steps to find and prioritize ...
Batoi Press in Dev21 Oct 20, 2022

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