"Radhanath Ray’s Chilika," translated into English by Dr. Rajendra Dash. This work aims to celebrate the heavenly beauty of Chilika by singing her glory.
Publisher: Athena Books
Author: Dr. Rajendra Dash
Digital (PDF)
INR 100.00

‘Chilika’ is one of the greatest works of the Poet Radhanath Ray. Among his magnificent works, Chilika, which combines many narratives techniques and can be termed as a travelogue, Chilika is a beautiful lake in Utkal (Odisha, a province in India). A brackish water lagoon on the east coast of India. Chilika, the largest costal lagoon in India, also happens to be the largest wintering ground for migratory birds.

The clean, blue waters of Chilika, with all the beatific scenery, have inspired the poet to pay a poetic tribute to the panoramic beauty of the lake that has not only mesmerized the poet now but also thousands of creatures - birds, beasts, humans, and nymphs of the heavens even. The poet regards it as the storehouse of Utkal’s beauty.

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