Designing the Bus Routes

A typical bus journey will consist of three parts: A. From the stop closest to the starting point to SH. B. From SH to DH. C. From DH to the stop closest to the destination point. We have to identify the HUBs, the subregion they serve, and select the routes the local buses should take. The goal is to have very good last-mile connectivity i.e. passengers do not have to walk much to get into the transport. This is no doubt a challenging goal and extremely critical to incentivize more citizens to accept public transport. It helps that PMPML has been plying buses on the existing routes for many years. Obviously, they have spent a lot of effort designing the routes. If we simply plot these existing routes and show their frequency in maps of each region, we can identify the HUBS, the roads, and the routes connecting them. Of course, they will be a

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