![Weather Forecasting]( Weather forecasting means predicting the climate by applying physics ideas, supplemented with statistical and empirical techniques. In addition to predictions of atmospheric phenomena themselves, weather forecasting consists of forecasts of modifications on the Earth's surface climate. These changes are because of atmospheric conditions like snow and ice cowl, hurricane tides, and floods. The foundation for weather prediction began with the historical Greek philosophers' theories and persisted with Renaissance scientists. It became followed with the aid of the clinical revolution of the seventeenth and 18th centuries. The theoretical models of 20th- and twenty-first-century atmospheric scientists and meteorologists helped improve packages. The so-called synoptic climate map got here to be the fundamental device of 19th-century meteorologists. This is used today in climate stations and on television climate reviews all around the international. All can happen most effectively via a complete climate forecast. Any weather prediction desires a systematic series of weather documents of

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