Challenges of Tropical Weather Forecasting

Tropical weather is tough to forecast. The mid-latitude climate is dominated by synoptic structures moving inside the westerlies, which shaped the basis for the climate analysis strategies that evolved in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In the mid-latitudes, baroclinic instability outcomes from air masses with contrasting temperature and density. There, strength is concentrated in extratropical cyclones that can be tracked relatively without problems. But tropical cyclones may be very difficult to predict. Tropical forecasters are confronted with various synoptic-scale systems that can produce heavy rain, strong winds, intense climate, dust storms, and high surf. The maximum unsafe of the synoptic systems are tropical cyclones. #### Other Methods of Forecasting- Persistence Forecasting Persistence forecasting predicts that the weather within the future might be similar to it currently is; there will be no change to the climate situations. Persistence forecasts are commonly accurate for brief periods of some hours and emerge as less real because the

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