A Quarterly Journal of Indian Dance - Volume I - Number 3 - July to September 2001
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Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra - a name synonymous with the revival of Odissi dance - is a genius whose life is intimately interwoven with the cultural life of Orissa. A great dancer, an innovative choreographer, a dedicated teacher and an amiable and humane person, Keluda's artistic excellence has never undermined his innate wisdom and his human concerns.

Active in the field of Odissi teaching for over fifty years and having had the honour of honing the talents of several celebrities, Kelu Babu is never tired of conducting intensive workshops in Bombay, Delhi and Kolkatta and appearing along with the successful students on the stage after the training session. Besides choreographing several Jayadeva's ashtapadi-s and Tulasi Ramayan, and directing more than twenty-five dance-dramas Keluda excelled himself in the memorable production of Sakuntala in Hindi performed at the Kalidas Samaroh at Ujjain, besides other significant productions like Chandrabala, Konarka and Yagnyaseni. A long and eventful life of creativity rightly recognized by the connoisseurs and honoured by disciples!

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