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Nartanam - Vol II No. 4

A Quarterly Journal of Indian Dance - Volume II - Number 4 - Otober to December 2002

With this number, Nartanam completes two years of its publication. We are happy that this journal has been received well both by scholars and Gurus and performing artists as well, for it is designed to reflect not only the contemporary scenario but to delve deep into our rich past and bring into focus some ancient textual as well as performance traditions for contemporary practitioners to model their work. We are also conscious that no consolidated material is available on the Maestros, whose contribution to dance brought a renaissance in performing arts history in the 20th century. Our special issues on Uday Shankar and Vedantam Lamxinarayana Sastry bear testimony to our efforts in this direction. Scholars and students of dance found them treasure-house material. For lovers of dance, we offer rich fare through our performance reviews, both in India and abroad.

We take this opportunity to thank our contributors and subscribers for helping us to live up to certain standards and yet make our venture easily reachable.

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