A Quarterly Journal of Indian Dance - Volume V - Number 3 - July to September 2005
Publisher: Sahrdaya Arts Trust
Digital (PDF)
INR 50.00

The horrifying apathy of the scholars and readers towards dance scholarship should agitate any sane mind. The performing Arts scenario in the country reminds one of the state of affairs that confronted dance, drama and music studies in the U.S.around 1930's. It is only natural that a newly institutionalized discipline like the performing arts, hitherto groomed by traditional practitioners had all of a sudden gone into the hands of University educated new generation which naturally built a wide gap in perspective. The Universities, which had not geared up to the new situation, took it in its natural indifferent stride.

In the State Universities the situation is much worse. All these fund-giving agencies recognize the needs of only the Science departments funding their lab work, and pay a deaf year to the urgent and basic needs of the Performing Arts departments. Performance spaces, teaching aids, musical support and other facilities are conspicuous by their absence.

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