The Master of Rhythm- K. SADGURUCHARAN

K. SADGURUCHARAN ___ K.Sadgurucharan, B.E.(Mechanical), M.A. (Rhythmology), M.A.(Theology), (PHD in Tāḷa Avadhāna), Grade 1 staff Mridangam artist,All India radio, Vijayawada, is a ‘Top Grade’ Mṛdañgam artist and the lone contemporary demonstrator of Pañchamukhi Tāḷa Avadhāna. Due to his passion for music, he had left a lucrative career as an engineer in MRF Tyres and joined All India Radio, Vijayawada as ‘Staff artist’. He wrote many articles, submitted papers and conducted workshops, live phone-in programmes in Doordarshan on topics like ‘Music & Mathematics’, ‘Mṛdañgam-The King of Percussion Instruments’. He wrote few short stories, science fiction and biographies of musicians. He has written and produced many musical features in All India Radio. Two social plays written by him were broadcast over AIR, Vijayawada. Presently he is pursuing PHD on ‘Tāḷa Avadhāna’ from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam ___ In most of the articles that I’ve read, the rhythmic excellence of Śri̅mat Ajjāḍa Ādibhaṭla Nārāyaṇa Dās was given

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