The 1980s - Return to India with Baby Lela

When our daughter Lela was born on 28 August 1981, some of my family thought with relief that her birth would put an end to my travels to India. But it was the opposite. I pursued my Kathak studies, performing and teaching with renewed energy. The initial impetus came from an invitation to attend my sister Kitty (Rachna) Garga’s wedding in Jaipur in February 1982. My husband Gary, who had until then never visited India but believed wholeheartedly in my Kathak career, simply said, “Why not?” Since Indians love children, and with five children of his own Maharaji is certainly no exception, we were greeted with tremendous love and appreciation for bringing our baby to India. Maharaji took Lela in his lap, then put her hands on his harmonium keyboard, saying that he was giving Lela her first music lesson.

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