UPADHYAYULA NARAYANA DAS ___ Upadhyayula Narayana Das is a researcher and blogger, and author of “TWISTING FACTS TO SUIT THEORIES AND OTHER SELECTIONS FROM VOXINDICA” (2017), a trenchant critique of the Indian media and historiography. He is the great grandson of Adibhatla Narayana Das. ___ The versatile genius of Ādibhaṭla Nārāyaṇa Dās (1864-1945) as an *aṣṭāvadhāni*, writer, poet, composer, linguist, dancer and actor is well known. He was the creator of the performing art *harikatha* which is a composite of five distinct arts—*purāṇik* storytelling; poetry and classical music, pre-written and composed extempore; dancing and acting. He wrote twenty-one *harikathas* (which he called *yakṣagānās*); seventeen in Telugu, three in Sanskrit and one in Telugu devoid of Sanskrit terms. The literary component of the *harikathas* is characterized by rich imagery and idiom. As the *yakṣagānās* were written to be performed on stage they were imbued with euphony in every line and a piquancy flavour in every

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