Some major Disciples of Guru Chinta Venkataramaiah - Katyayani Thota**

**KATYAYANI THOTA** *It is said that there was no actor-dancer born in Kuchipudi in the early part of the 20thC. that was not a disciple of Chinta Venkataramaiah. Here is, however, a short list of five disciples, whose work demonstrated the artistic empowerment their teacher brought to the art of Yakshagana - Ed.* **VEDANTAM RAGHAVAIAH** Born on June 8, 1919 to Vedantam Ramayya and Annapurnamma, descendants of one of the legendary families of Kuchipudi in which art simply runs in the blood, Vedantam Raghavaiah, a flawless dancer, melodious singer and an expert in the *tala* system was highly admired. Genetically endowed with these talents, he polished them to perfection under some of the most distinguished masters of the time. At the tender age of five, Raghavaiah started his formal training under Chinta Venkataramayya and shone as one of his star students. With passion and devotion, Raghavaiah indulged himself completely in imbibing the technicalities of

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