References of Harikatha as Yakshagāna

If a *prabandha* is performed by four actors it is Yakṣagāna and if performed by one it is transformed into Harikatha. Harikathaka (Harikatha artiste) is a single person conducting the show like the conductor of discourses and when he enacts the characters of the story and sings kīrtana-s and poems with the support of orchestra he is *Sūtradhāra* of Yakṣagāna or dance drama. Yakṣagāna moves in a dramatic way and is action-oriented. The narrative links are very brief in it whereas narrative nature is predominant in Harikatha. Gradually Harikatha established its individuality being separated from Yakṣagāna. In the narration of the story *gadya*, *padya,* songs, characterization, conversations, *Daruvu-s* entered into Harikatha. Harikatha of Āndhra has *Daruvu-s* characteristic feature of Yakṣagāna emphasizing the very great influence of Yakṣagāna-s on Harikatha. In Harikatha the exponent dons many roles: the narrator, performing musician, dancer and actor who enacts all characters. The confluence of many

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