M. Nagabhushana Sarma The repertoire of Indian dance is rich and varied. Both the classical and folk dances and the innumerable extensions and alternatives allied to them have, for long, proved successful as multi-layered systems of communication models, providing aesthetic delight to generations of spectators. In the plurality of the variegated splendours of our cultural and creative manifestations lie the Indian psyche in which both tradition and innovation live side by side, contesting with each other, complementing each other. It is this confluence that is the soul of Indian culture. To study this culture, to study its many—sided manifestations in dance should be everybody's endeavour. More so every artist's and every artistic mind's. In a fast—changing scenario such as ours this is much more needed and much more quickly. To share one another's experience of the cultural traditions of India in general and dance traditions in particular guided our present venture and

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