Textual Traditions in Dance : An Overview - P. S. R. Appa Rao

**P.S.R. APPA RAO** * Translated from Dr. Appa Rao's original Telugu article ___ Dr. P.S.R. APPA RAO, a scholar, teacher, administrator and researcher, is a well-known critic. After retiring from the State Govemment service, after having served in very senior positions, Dr. Appa Rao has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. His monumental work in Telugu a translation of Bharata's Natyasastra with copious notes - has been a standard work of reference. He authored many books on dance studies including Monograph on Natyasastra (English), Abhinaya Darpana (English) and Natyasastram, Sarirabhinayam, Abhinaya darponam (Telugu) ___ "Geetam, Vaadyam nartanamca/trayam sangeeta mucyate" - "Song, instrumental music and dance - 1 - all the three together are called sangeeta," so says Sarngadeva of the thirteenth century, in his *Sangeetaratnakara*. That the three are mutually dependent on each other and enrich each other is the established Indian view. It follows, then, that any work

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