*Nartanam* is proud to present its current issue, Vol. XXII, no.1, in the e-book format. We will complete uploading all the old issues (from 2001 till date) on the digital platform by 31 December 2022. Our readers are welcome to read the current issue free of cost till then; after which we shall issue yearly membership at a nominal cost to be able to read *Nartanam* online. We shall be ever grateful to Ashwini Rath, Deepankar Mohanty at Batoi Systems Private Ltd. and their team for undertaking the monumental task of digitalization of the journal. *Nartanam* shall now be preserved for posterity and can easily be accessed by all. There can be no better way to launch this e-book than having Janaki Patrik on the cover with her brilliant account of “Making of an American Kathak Dancer” in its pages. The saga of an American negotiating the multiple and complex challenges like those

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