Bala: The Last Exit - N. Pattabhi Raman**

** N. PATTABHI RAMAN** Late Shri Pattabhiraman was the Founder-Editor of *Sruti*, a popular monthly Journal devoted to the performing arts. His scintillating article on Balasaraswati (written along with Anandhi Ramachandran) is the best Bio-Critisism on Bala published so far. Reproduced from *Sruti* (1984 Issue) with grateful acknowledgements to the Chief Editor, *Sruti*. Thursday 9 February, Room 2 at the Lady Wellington Nursing Home in Madras. Bala had been, brought there on 26 January. She had lapsed into a coma induced by diabetes whilst daughter Lakshmi was away visiting. She had been rushed to the hospital and since then her condition had only deteriorated: On one occasion, when Anandhi and I had visited her in the hospital, she seemed to recognize my colleague and want to say something, but she couldn't and tears welled up in her eyes. Maybe she did have moments of lucid consciousness after that occasion. Maybe she was aware

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