UPADHYAYULA NARAYANA DAS ___ Upadhyayula Narayana Das is a researcher and blogger, and author of “TWISTING FACTS TO SUIT THEORIES AND OTHER SELECTIONS FROM VOXINDICA” (2017), a trenchant critique of the Indian media and historiography. He is the great grandson of Sri Adibhatla Narayana Das. ___ ‘Bāṭasāri’, as some literary commentators erroneously believed, was not a translation of Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘Traveller’. Ādibhaṭla Nārāyaṇa Dās’ himself dispelled the misconception in his preface to the 1933 edition of the book, which had gone through several editions during his life time: “In writing this small poetical work my main object had been to present to the Telugu reading public an attempt at something original as to plot, coupled with vividness of natural descriptions told in easy Telugu devoid of all the artificialities of the usual ornate style.” Significantly he did not name the protagonist. He was just Bāṭasāri (traveller), who gets separated from his family in

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