Arts - in - Education

From the moment I landed on Indian soil in 1967, I was aware of India’ great cultural heritage, and of the ways its manifestations had been incorporated into educational settings. I lived with the P.P.Garga family on the grounds of Bal Bhavan, the National Children’s School, where “Poppa” Garga was the head of the art department. Waking early in the morning, I took tea with the family, then walked across the playing field to the classroom building. I practiced Kathak in Poppa’s classroom, where the children’s art projects were always on display. When I returned from India to the United States in 1969, I started working with the Chicago arts-in-education organization Urban Gateways, as I have described in a previous section of this paper – “CHICAGO-1969 to 1971”. Two years later, when I moved to New York City, I immediately became engaged in arts-in-education, presenting programs in

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