Adibhatla Narayana Dasu Kritis and Nadaneerajanam Program- R. N. S. SAILESWARI

R. N. S. SAILESWARI ___ R. N. S Saileswari, daughter of Rani Dakshinamurthy and Satyavathi, joined as Assistant Professor (Dept. of Music & Fine Arts), Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, in the year 2006 and currently heads the department. She received Ph. D in Music from the Department of Music, Andhra University in 2007. She is a known expert of the Tanjavur style of singing and trained under Late S. Vasundhara Devi (Disciple of Sripada Pinakapani), Visakhapatnam. She has specialized in the compositions of Muttuswami Dikshitar. She is an AIR B High Grade Artist and is the recipient of many prestigious awards. ___ The history of Music has a wide range of contributions ranging from Pre Trinity, Trinity to post Trinity. The succession of several eminent and inspired composers has contributed to the inheritance of a rich and living practical tradition. Telugu people also contributed numerously for the propagation and preservation of music

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