Interview with Guru P.V.G. Krishna Sarma

ANURADHA JONNALAGADDA ___ **Dr. ANURADHA JONNALAGADDA**, a Kuchipudi dancer and dance-critic, is working as an Associate Professor of Dance in the discipline of Dance, S.N, School, University of Hyderabad. She has earlier published a *Who is Who in Kuchipudi Dance* ___ The following account is based on the interview held with Guru Sri Pasumarti Venugopala Krishna Sarma. The venue was the discipline of dance, University of Hyderabad. The context was the workshop organized jointly by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi and University of Hyderabad on the theme of 'Kuchipudi Yakshagana'. The account is based on a recorded conversation and it went on for more than two hours. Seen from the need for providing a theoretical framework for various aspects of Kuchipudi art, several attempts are being made during the last two decades to collect sources for the reconstruction of the art form. It is generally agreed by the scholars that the written sources are sparse

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