**Tradition and innovation in Indian Dance** - **U.S. Krishna Rao**

**U.S. KRISHNA RAO** A critic once remarked that "any form of Art is like a tree which needs fresh mannure and fertilizers now and then, so that it can grow, bear fruit and survive". Though this analogy may look morbid and matter-of-fact, there is positively an element of truth in it. Tradition in art dies hard and in some cases tradition survives even after millenia of existence. Sometimes, tradition changes perceptibly during certain era of political and sociological upheavals, imbibing new currents and ideas. And in due course all the new trends become one with tradition. It is this tradition that is responsible for all classicism in arts and vice versa. Any way, classical concepts and traditional trends go hand - in - hand. This aspect of art forms leads ultimately to many phenomenal upheavals. Every student of art knows that the present trends in painting, sculpture and other arts, all over

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