**Towards an Aesthetics of Kathak Dance** - **Sushil Kumar Saxena**

**SUSHIL KUMAR SAXENA** **SUSHIL KUMAR SAXENA** is a retired Professor of Philosophy at Delhi University and is an eminent scholar and perceptive critic who wrote extensively and authoritatively on Hindustani Music and Kathak Dance. His work on the various technical and performative aspects of Kathak have been trend-setting. This is the second part of Prof. Saxena's seminal article on Kathak and its aesthetics and is reproduced here from Sangeet Natak (1983) with the Akademi's permission. **Part - II** **F. Content and Form of Kathak:** In our treatment of *thaat* and *aamad* so far we have thought it necessary to distinguish the aesthetic from the non-aesthetic. We have also spoken of whole form and of the blending or accentuation of elements. The avowed emphasis of the essay is also on the aesthetic. So, some thought may be now given to at least one key aesthetical problem in relation to Kathak. I choose the question of the

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