**The traditional *Thang-ta* : Martial Arts of Manipur - Guru G. Gourkishor Sharma**

**GURU G. GOURKISHOR SHARMA** **GURU G. GOURKISHOR SHARMA** is a senior Guru of Thang-Ta Martial Arts of Manipur. His institution, Huyen Lallong Manipur Thang-Ta Cultural Association, is completing 50 years shortly. Guruji has efficiently trained many students both in dance and theory in his institution. For his creative contribution in Traditional Thang-Ta he has received National Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. In the far North Eastern part of India, surrounded by nine ranges of hills, thinly populated, is a bejeweled place Manipur, where in the past *Thang-Ta*, a technique of fighting with sword and spear, enabled the people to protect their freedom. In fact *Thang-Ta* has been the sole means used by the forefathers to fight with Britishers. This martial technique at the same time evolved into a dance form. It is believed that *Thang-Ta* originated from *Theng-Kou* movements which emerged from the creation of Universe. *Thang-Ta* is the Mukhootso (hand and

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