**Technique of Mohini Attam - Dr. Kanak Rele**

**Dr. KANAK RELE** Mohini Attam of Kerala has, in its framework the beautiful lyrical elements of the social folk dances of the graceful women of Kerala. It claims a longstanding tradition. As practised by majority of exponents for the past two centuries its standard repertoire runs parallel to Bharata Natyam. It is also influenced by the Kerala theatrical tradition yet it has a very strong and distinct personality of its own. Mohini Attam appears to be a social art rather than a temple art and the effect derived at is visual enchantment rather than bhakti. Of course all Indian classical dances have a religious fervour, are vehicles of worship, but some are more so than the others. Mohini Attam belongs to the latter category. Basically some padams or religious songs are danced, where the pining naayikaa represents the soul of the bhakta – (the jeevaatmaa) yearning for the Ultimate Union with

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