**T. Balasaraswati in the US - Kay Poursine**

**KAY POURSINE** Kay Poursine studied with Balasaraswati first at Mills College, Oakland, CA and at Universities of Washington and Berkeley. She continued her studies with Bala in Chennai. Ms Poursine continued her music studies with Bala’s brothers, T. Viswanathan and T. Ranganthan. Kay performed and taught as a Visiting Artist in the Wesleyan Dance Department, the Wesleyan Graduate Liberal Studies Program and at residencies in the US and abroad. Subsequently, she studied and performed in India with the support of three Smithsonian senior fellowships in 1982-83, 1986-87, and 1990-91. Kay Poursine continues to lecture, teach, and perform in many venues throughout the United States and other countries. website : www.kpoursine.com and email: kay@kpoursine.com. T. Balasaraswati’s residencies in the US changed lives. Without a doubt, Bala changed mine. Her style of teaching was unique and a challenge to all who studied with her. Teaching allowed her to introduce her family’s aesthetic

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