**Select Writings of Dr. V. RAGHAVAN on *Music, Dance* and *Ancient Indian Theater***

**BOOKS AND MONOGRAPHS** 1. *Life of Sri Muthusvami Dikshitar*, (In Tamil and English), The Triplicane Club, Madras, 1935. 2. *Saigita Sudha of King Raghunatha of Tanjore* - Introduction, Music Academy Series, Madras, 1940. 3. *The Sahgitasarasamgrahamu* - Introduction, The Music Academy, 1940. 4. *The Sangitasaramrta of King Tulaja of Tanjore* - Introduction (& Ed.), The Music Academy, 1942. 5. *Sarvadeva Vilasa*, Adyar Library Pamphlet Series No. 33, Madras, 1958. A work on' 18th century Madras with details of musicians, dancing girls, their patrons etc. 6. *Bharata Natya*, (Tamil with illustrations) Jointly with Smt. T. Balasaraswati. Avvai Nolaham, Madras, 1959. Deals with the history, technique, fundamentals, composition, performance and aesthetics of the art in 10 chapters. 7. *Sri Narayana Tirtha*, Sri Narayana Tirtha Festival Celebration Committee, Triuppunturutti, Tanjore, 1965. 8. *The Spiritual Heritage of Tyagaraja - Introductory Thesis*, The Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, Mylapore, Madras-4. 1957. 2nd revised Edition R.K. Math, Madras-4. 1966. An exhaustive exposition of the composer and

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