**Sattriya Dances and their Rhythm - Prof. Maheswar Neog**

**Prof. MAHESWAR NEOG** **Prof. MAHESWAR NEOG** (1915-1995) is a multi-faceted genius whose scholarly work covered every aspect of Assamese Arts, Culture and Literature. Each of his critical studies on Assam’s rich traditional lore is a pioneering work of great importance. His work on Sankardeva is particularly noteworthy. With over 500 research papers and more than 40 books in English and Assamese, Prof. Neog is a colossus figure in contemporary Indian cultural, indological and religious studies. Besides innumerable honors he received, he was also made a Fellow of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi. **Introduction** There was the efflorescence of a great literature and culture in the wake of the Sankardeva movement. Sankardeva and Madhavadeva themselves composed a good number of songs, dramas, verse narratives and other types of literature, wherein they expounded and elaborated the teaching of the faith they sought to propagate. A host of poets, writers and scholars like Ananta

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