**Repertoire of Mohini Attam - Kalamandalam C. Gopalakrishnan**

**KALAMANDALAM C. GOPALAKRISHNAN** Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon, a poet from Kerala strived to give Mohini Attam the status of a classical art form. He brought together the dancers of his times such as Kalyaniamma, Chinnammuamma, etc. who helped to revive the old tradition. The credit for creating a style of Mohini Attam peculiar to Kerala Kalamandalam goes to Chinnammuamma who was ably assisted by her disciple Kalamandalam Smt. Sathyabhma. Smt. Satyabhama contributed further to the repertoire which is as follows :- **Contribution of Kalamandalam Smt. Satyabhama**

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