**Prominent Exponents and Gurus - Madhuri Deshmukh**

**MADHURI DESHMUKH** Few decades ago the art of Mohini Attam was almost on the verge of extinction. It is at this time that the legendary Kerala poet late Shri Vallathol took up the herculean task of reviving Mohini Attam and rescue it from total extinction. He started a formal training course in Mohini Attam at Keral Kalamandalam. It is from here that the journey of Mohini Attam began towards the rejuvenated form and today it is one of the leading classical dance forms of India. Although the seed was sown by Shri Vallathol at Kalamandalam the actual blossoming of the art was possible only due to the pioneering efforts put in by various maestros, gurus and exponents of Mohini Attam. The year 1969 proved to be a golden year for the future of Mohini Attam, when the renowned Mohini Attam maestro Dr. Kanak Rele reached Kerala to do research in Mohini Attam

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