**BH. L. NARASIMHAM** Born on 12.11.1925, Pasumarthi Krishna Murthy lived in the crucial days of Kuchipudi's transition from traditional mores to modernity. The Pasumarthi family is one of the major inheritors of the Kuchipudi tradition. Krishna Murthy has strong dance genes from both of his parents. His mother Adilaxmi was the second daughter of Chinta Venkataramaiah and his father, Ramaiah, was the son of Pasumarthi Seshaiah, who holds as big a position as the Kuchipudi triumvirate. Seshaiah was a well respected Pagativesham artist, whose expertise in the art has become proverbial. His father, Ramaiah was himself an accompanying nattuvangam artist in the Chinta Vari Melam (the Chinta Repertory) along with Chinta Venkataramaiah who acted as the Sutradhara.

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