**Nataraja : Multiple Symbolisms** - **R. Sathyanarayana**

**R. SATHYANARAYANA** **PROF. R. SATHYANARAYANA** is a renowned scholar and commentator on ancient and medieval texts on music and dance. He was earlier a professor of Chemistry in Mysore. His publications include an authoritative work on Bharatanatyam and a critical edition of the *Nartana Nirnaya* of Pandarika Vittala. This is the second part of Professor Sathyanarayana's critique on religious and ritual symbolism in Indian Dance The Nataraja temple at Chidambaram is full of many other esoteric symbolisms. Only a few of these may be mentioned here in passing : The five dancing halls (sabha) viz. Cit-sabha, Kanaka-sabha, Nrtta-sabha, Deva-sabha and Raja-sabha may be compared to the five sheaths (kosa) of consciousness taught in the Taittiriya Upanisad. The first two are the more important ones and bristle with multiple symbolic modes. The five beams passing over the five pillars in the Cit-sabha represent the five indriyas (senses) and their objects (tan-matras). The nine

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