**My Teacher, Balasaraswati - Luise Elcaness Scripps**

**LUISE ELCANESS SCRIPPS** Luise Elcaness Scripps, a New Yorker by birth, studied ballet from the age of six and pursued post-graduate work in ethnochoreography. She has held positions in several areas of the visual arts and studied, performed and taught modern dance in her early twenties. In 1953 she married Samuel H. Scripps of the Scripps Howard newspaper family. Mrs. Scripps became a disciple of Balasaraswati in September 1962. With her husband, she co-founded the American Society for Eastern Arts in 1963. She has written the entry on Balasaraswati for the International Encyclopedia of the Dance (Scribner's and Sons, New York). Reproduced from *Sruti* (1984 Issue) with grateful acknowledgements to the Chief Editor, *Sruti*. Years before I met Balasaraswati, I had heard of the belief prevalent in India that, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” In 1962 I had just given birth to my second child and had “retired”

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