**Mahari Tradition Revisited** - **SRIGOPAL**

**SRIGOPAL** **SRIGOPAL**, is the president and CEO of MAASYS INFOTECH for its India Operations and is the Managing Trustee of Sanjukta Foundation. Voluminous articles and research findings have been published in the last half century to enlighten us on the Mahari tradition. With the illuminating writings of Dhirendra Nath Patnaik, a noted scholar on Odissi, to the investigative studies of Dr Ratna Roy at the Evergreen University in the USA it has added interesting dimensions to the spectrum of the Mahari tradition, The purport of this script is to derive conclusive observations in the contribution of the tradition to the present day Odissi dance. This is a highly debatable topic and this article is not intended to be authoritative in its content but opens up new vistas for further fact finding on the element of dance in the Mahari tradition. A consultation with many dance scholars, researchers and enthusiasts has never produced any

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