**Historical Development of Mohini Attam - Dr. (Smt.) Kanak Rele**

**Dr. (Smt.) KANAK RELE** The level of development of a society and its culture are measured by the anthropologists by its dances. Dance is the most basic and intimate expression of human life. In dance, man has found a perennial mode of communication. An evolved and developed dance tradition is a sure indication of a society in which its members have reached a high level of intellectual development and have succeeded in creating various strata of emotional interactions leading to a plethora of complex relationships and social sensibilities. Very rightly dance is called the “Mother of Arts”. Amongst the great cultures of the world India and her dance stand at the pinnacle of this development. There is no other tradition which can equal the Indian tradition of dance. All the dance forms of India are the end products of a long process of evolution, change and improvement in keeping with the constantly changing social

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