**Guru Bipinsingh's contribution to Manipuri - Dr. Sunil Kothari**

**DR. SUNIL KOTHARI** Among the traditional gurus of Manipur Guru Bipinsingh indeed stands alone and separate from others for his outstanding contribution to make the classical elements of Manipuri dances accessible to the world outside Manipur. He was indeed fortunate to have as his disciples the four Jhaveri Sisters from Mumbai who performed his choreographic works world over. From night long dance-dramas of Manipur, Guru Bipinsingh with his sensitivity and exposure to the dance at large, thanks to his work with Madame Menaka at Khandala, and a long stay in Mumbai, succeeded in editing the rasalilas and made them presentable on metropolitan stage within the duration of, say, two hours without loosing the essence of tradition. His own choreographic pieces in terms of Prarthana in raga Bhupali, swaramala numbers, similar to jatiswaram, drawing upon the large corpus of the Rasalilas, taking elements from it, like tanums and telena , similar to tarana and tillana,

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