**Excepts from Performance Reviews**

**'Greatest dancer'** Anna Kisselgoff *The New York Times* Her name is Balasaraswati, one of the world’s greatest dancers, was the supreme mistress of her art. She revealed the sacred origins of Bharatanatyam as no one else could and she did the so through the absolute purity of her dancing. Every gesture, every rhythmic sequence, and every movement of stillness had spiritual resonance. Actress and dancer, she rendered each poetic image vividly before our eyes. She moved her audiences and our memories of Bala will be everlasting. * * * **'At the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival'** Walter Terry, *Critic,* *New York Herald Tribune, 1962* The most articulate forefinger in the world of dance made its American debut last evening at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. It was a forefinger, which employing 2,000 years of gestural dance development, could summon or dismiss, invite or caution, assure or tease, make an airy comment or project

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