**Enchantment of Mohini Attam - Dr. Kanak Rele**

**Dr. KANAK RELE** **Dr. KANAK RELE,** one of the most distinguished dance-scholars of the present times is also a well known Mohini Attam exponent. Founder of Nalanda Dance Research Center at Mumbai, she is singly responsible for the propagation of Dance Education in general and Mohini Attam in particular in western India. A winner of several awards including the Sangeet Natak Akademi award (1994), Padmashree (1990), Nrityachoodamani (1978), Sarangadev Fellowship (1995) and Kalidas Samman, (2006), she continues to be a performer, researcher and choreographer. Much of the material in this issue is due to her benevolent compilation of scholarly articles from different researchers including her own. The mighty ocean churned on and on. These were not disturbances arising in the depths of the ocean many thousands of leagues beneath the surface. These were not the elements that whipped up the ocean. This was no seasonal upheaval to determine the seasons, to

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