**M. Nagabhushana Sarma** ***Nartanam*** enters its fifth year of publication. We are proud that we could continue the Journal in spite of several impediments - not financial (though they are bound to be there as long we have defaulting or unwilling subscribers); but intellectual and creative. It is sad to note that many performing artists do not take to writing. Those few that could, do no find time. After all, writing on dance (for that matter, on anything) needs to think analytically and to put it on paper logically !! It we are not analytical, we cannot even dance properly, since dance is interpreting what you think through different communication modules ! So, if you think you can dance well, if you think you can analyse your own, or someone else's dance performances, you can also write, review and criticize. The other impediment that confronts even willing writers is language. Yes, we shun

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