**Changing trends in Manipuri Dance - Bimbavati Devi**

**BIMBAVATI DEVI** **BIMBAVATI DEVI**, trained in the Manipuri Nartanalaya, is the daughter of renowned Manipuri maestros, Guru Bipin Singh and Kalavati Devi. An M.A. in Manipuri Dance, she is pursuing her studies for a Ph.D. degree. She has performed in several festivals in India and abroad and is a recipient of several awards including National scholarships from the Department of Culture, Government of India, Sanskriti Award for Young Dancers and the Aditya Birla Kalakarin Puraskar. Dance has evolved in Manipur from time immemorial and according to the social and religious requirement various types of dances developed which were either of the pre-Vaishnavite character like the dances of Laiharaoba or of the Vaishnavite character like the various Raslilas, Nipa Palas that encompass a range of dance forms like Kartal Cholom, Pung Cholom, Dhol Dholok Cholom, Khubak Ishei to name a few and Nupi Palas that include Basak Phangnaba, Raseshwari Pala, Mandila Cholom, Jalakeli,

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