**'Bharatanatyam - A Mission and an Obsession' : The story of the U.S.K. Couple**

**M. NAGABHUSHANA SARMA** **M. NAGABHUSHANA SARMA,** a former professor of Theatre Arts and Dean of faculty of Performing Arts at various Universities is a well known critic on theatre, dance and folk performing arts. His books on Folk Performing Arts, on traditional forms like Yakshagana and on Indian Theatre, especially on Telugu Theatre are seminal. He is the Chief Editor of Nartanam. With the passing away of Prof. U.S. Krishna Rao on March, 6, 2005 and his wife Chandrabhaga Devi some years ago, Bharatanatyam, especially in Karnataka, lost an ardent dancing couple teachers, propagators, performers and writers and above all, a couple that braved social taboos to be the first dancing couple and persistently climbed the pinnacle with achievements of the highest order.

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