**Bharata Natyam’s “Whole World” - Renee Renouf**

**RENEE RENOUF** **RENEE RENOUF** served as the reviewer of cultural actives for Thought, a high-brow Journal published from New Delhi. The reviews reveal her keen study and understanding of the Indian Dance forms. Published in *Thought*, September 1965 reproduced with the permission of the reviewer. Could anyone possibly look more majestic in scarlet than Balasaraswati? I seriously doubt it when it comes to Bharata Natyam exponents. Backed by oaken panels and supported by white-clothed musicians and daughter Lakshmi also in scarlet, Bala walked diffidently in the center of the Mills College Concert Hall, June 18, to inaugurate the summer session of the American Society for Eastern Art. Introduced by Dr. Robert E. Brown of the California Institute of the Arts, the occasion marked nine years and six months since Bala danced in San Francisco, then sponsored by the Welland Lathrop Dance Studio. Nearly ten years – a decade and

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