**Bharata Kalaprapoona CHINTA KRISHNA MURTHY - Bhagavatula Laxmi Narasimham**

**BHAGAVATULA LAXMI NARASIMHAM** Chinta Krishna Murthy, the third son of Chinta Venkataramaiah and Annapurna, is the resurrector of the yakshagana tradition when, after the demise of Venkataramaiah, the form was losing its popularity. The "Chinta Vari Melam", until now the sole trailblazer, had signs of dividing itself into several Melams. Then came Krishna Murthy, until then one of the main actors in the company, who took the reins of the Melam, consolidated its inward structure and gave fillip to its performance reorientation. Credit also should go to him for renaming the "Chinta Vari Melam" as Venkatarama Natya Mandali in honour of his father and saw to it that the remaining Melams to join hands with him to make it stronger and more broadbased. Thus Chinta Krishna Murthy, able performer and organizer that he was could bring unanimity among the usually dissenting Kuchipudi groups. He did that with a wise

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