**Bala – Tributes**

Balasaraswati made the public Bharatanatyam – conscious, not by conscious efforts as a torch-bearer or a reformer but by the beauty and the eloquence of her dancing. It was left to others to fight prejudices and stupidity, do research, delve into the past. But Balasaraswati made us aware of the living miracle of Bharatanatyam to be seen and to be enraptured. She has a fantastic repertoire some fifteen Varnams, several Jatiswarams, Shabdams, Tillanas and, of course, countless Padams and Javalis, literally countless. Her technique is so superb that one has come to take it for granted and to Balasaraswati herself it has become second nature. Her gestures are eloquent, her abhinaya sheer poetry. Her sense of rhythm is so compelling that there is a kind of inevitability about it. Added to these fabulous gifts is her fine musicianship. Balasaraswati is a musician

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