**Aesthetics of Mohini Attam - By Dr. Kanak Rele**

By **Dr. KANAK RELE** All Indian dance is a combination of facial expressions and body movements which are perfectly synchronized to represent a harmony of all the aspects of dance. This synchronized artistic manifestation is projected through the perfect vehicle that is the human being. A human being is the combination of two mysterious components – the human body and the human soul (aatman). It is only when these two components work in unison, supplementing and supporting each other to create a harmony, a symphony of music, rhythm and bodily movements – all reacting to the commands of innermost feelings within the human being to express himself that dance is created. Thus the art of dancing would mean two distinctive components. Dance Form – Tangible Content – Intangible. To the Indian concept of dance, neither of the components by itself could sustain the concept of dance. The form of dancing is the more tangible concept,

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