**A Unique Artist - Aniruddha Knight**

**ANIRUDDHA KNIGHT** **ANIRUDDHA KNIGHT**, the son of Lakshmi and Douglas Knight, is Balasaraswati's only grandson and is a Bharatanatyam dancer by profession. Taught by his mother in the nuances of music and dance, Ani has been actively engaged in performing both in India and the West. Bala was the pinnacle of artistic integrity. Always striving for perfection right from the young age of three, nothing less than the best would do. Every adavu was no less than perfect, every mudra an expression of wholeness, every idea conceived executed with such clarity that her art surpassed cultural boundaries. Her art was only for those who dared to be a part of her catharsis. It was her physical self that was a conduit for creation. Whether it was puranic stories told and re-told, or the Lover’s most intimate thoughts and emotional outpourings, every time she performed it was as if she

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