**A lila of Love - Dr. Angana Jhaveri**

**DR. ANGANA JHAVERI** **DR. ANGANA JHAVERI**, a Classical Manipuri Dancer with the Jhaveri Sisters. She wrote her thesis on 'The Rasleela Performance in Manipur' for which she got a Ph.D. from the Asian Theater Dept. of Michigan State University, U.S.A. Since then she has worked in media as a Producer/Director, on ad films, corporate films, music videos, non fiction television and documentaries. Classical Manipuri Dance originates in the Raslila performance of the temples of Manipur. This temple theater form, described as 'dance drama' , is a very moving drama on the devotional love of the Gopis and Krishna. 'Drama' and 'devotion' , what can one have to do with the other? Can devotional love for the Supreme have drama? Doesn't divine love imply a calm love? Isn't the spirit of the Divine ever present in each heart? And isn't this love constant? There should in fact be no drama, no roller coaster highs

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