**A Centenary Tribute : Remembering Dr. V. Raghavan - T. K. Venkatasubramanian**

**T.K. VENKATASUBRAMANIAN** **PROF. T. K. VENKATA SUBRAMANIAN**, a renowned historian specializing in medieval south Indian history, is now a Senior Professor of History at the Delhi University. Coming from a well known family of artists, he is an acclaimed mridangam artist and accompanied all senior musicians of the country. He is to a great extent responsible for establishing and organizing IGNOU's Fine Arts Section. **I. The Man** 1.1 Dr. V. Raghavan was an outstanding scholar of the twentieth century. He was a rare combination of a scholar, savant, organised and a cultural ambassador of India. He delved deep into primary Sanskrit texts and gave new dimension to textual studies. As Chief Editor of the *New Catalogues Catalagorum* he brought out the rich heritage of India. As a member of Sanskrit Commission he promoted Sanskrit Education by linking it with other disciplines. As Secretary of Music Academy, Madras, he drew attention to the Shastraric

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